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MTV’s Teen Wolf Is Back!

The American TV series Teen Wolf is back with its sixth and final season on Tuesday November 11, 2016 (early Wednesday morning UK time).

For the last season of MTV’s original series, Jeff Davis, the executive producer, follows the topic hinted in the final episodes of season 5: the Ghost Riders, part of the Wild Hunt (supernatural group of huntsmen; elves, fairies, the dead); appearing in Beacon Hills and wreaking havoc just like the Nogitsune did in season 3B and once more, Stiles Stilinski (played by Dylan O’Brien) will be the most talked-about character. The difference is, this time, it gets even more personal (as if the last time wasn’t bad enough).

The Wild Hunt has a knack for making people, well, disappear. Let’s say you’re the one the Wild Hunt is after— people who know you (friends, family, neighbors, teachers) all forget your name and everything about you. If no one at all cares about you, do you even exist?

From the fandom point of view, I think it’s safe to say that most of will die several painful deaths in the following months and shed a tear or two or a waterfall as Stiles’ fade into forgetfulness unravels.

Trailers are available on YouTube (here and here), for additional information try the Teen Wolf Wikia.

For those who never heard of Teen Wolf, it’s an MTV original series that first aired in June 2011. The protagonists are basically two clueless cuties named Scott McCall (played by Tyler Posey) and Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien); the catalyst for all the troubles that take six seasons to solve is Scott getting bitten and becoming a werewolf. This is a turning point in the series followed by confusion, tears, love, friendship, and lots of bad planning. Good hearted Scott and ingenous and sarcastic Stiles add a lovable charm to the show that has got us all hooked. If you’ve been looking for a show to get addicted to and possibly further your procrastination, this is the one that you’ve been looking for.

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