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The Joy of the Cornish Pasty

When you study in Cornwall, you quickly realize that quality pasties are more important than anything down here. Whilst there are often heated debates on where sells the best pasty (its Rowe’s, it’s always Rowe’s) one thing that most Falmouth students can agree on is that they are a staple part of life.

There are SO MANY to choose from

Even in the tiny Campus Shop at Tremough, we have two different brands to choose from. Whether its Bombay potato or lamb and mint, vegan and gluten free or your traditional stake, there is a pasty filling for everyone.

They are quick and easy

They require no cutlery or a plate, they come in paper bags so no need for the plastic packaging that sandwiches come in. A whole meal contained in a perfectly crimped pastry, what more could you want.

They are warm

When it’s cold outside and inevitably raining, nothing is better than the feeling of a warm pasty in your hands, heating up your cold mitts. A warm pasty means a warm heart. 

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