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Frank Turner hits Falmouth

Frank turner graced Falmouth with his presence not once, but twice earlier this week! This was due to a sold out Monday show and high demand for Mr Turner to return to the Cornish coastline. The local gig venue, Princess Pavilion was ram packed with fans from all over the county, keen to see Frank and the Sleeping Soul’s (and of course, Leigh, the star-jumping technician). The audience also featured a flag which has been travelling with the band on their most recent tour, being passed from super fan to super fan throughout England as a symbol of their appreciation and loyalty – impressive, we know. Both Monday and Tuesday’s audiences had a lot to live up to, with Truro winning last year’s famous dance-off on tour, that the band are renowned for hosting.

His stage presence was on top form, flirting with the whole of Falmouth and making the crowd star jump, sit down, stand up and of course have a good old boogie.  Promoting a new album is always a daunting task for any band, but with a loyal crowd that already knew every word, Frank created a comfortable atmosphere that felt homely and familiar, the way his gig’s always tend to be. ‘Positive songs for negative people’ is out now and we wholly recommend you all give it a good old listen! The crowd also enjoyed new melodies to old songs and some classic favourites, which spurred the spectators into joining their hands together and dancing like no one else was around (Kudus for you true Frank Turner fans who have noticed the references). It is safe to say Monday’s crowd left feeling uplifted and satisfied with Frank’s performance. We can only hope that Tuesday’s crowd felt exactly the same!

With a large community of students in Falmouth, the area has become a hot spot for artists and musicians alike. Princess Pavilion has hosted names such as Ben Howard, Peace, Hudson Taylor, The Staves and the up and coming indie band Prides. There is also a number of tribute bands playing over the week-days at the Pavilion and the spot couldn’t be a more perfect location to introduce bands too, with its stunning views of Falmouth’s seashore. You can count on there being a few super-fans dotted in the crowd, along with a lot of people from all over Cornwall simply there to enjoy some quality live music. With such a devoted community of music lovers, the artists are usually more than happy to meet and greet their admirers, signing t-shirts, posters and foreheads of fans after their shows.

We are looking forward to the next few months, with Gabrielle Aplin travelling to the South-West this December, as well as Gentleman’s Dub club performing in February.


My name is Laura Sherlock and I am the co-editor for Falmouth's chapter of Hercampus. I am currently in my third year of university studying English.
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