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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Falmouth chapter.

You might be single, you might be in a relationship without your other half by your side, or you may have a friend who recently went through a break-up. Or maybe you just don’t do Valentine’s day! Whatever the case,all are good excuses for watching movies and binge eating ice cream in your bed or on the couch. Don’t let this perfect opportunity slip between your fingers!

Below are 7 films you might consider watching this Valentine’s Day; quite obviously, all of them include a whole lot of love, but not all of them are just about that. 

7. Sex and the City.

Immerse yourself into quick-paced life of four women whose hearts wholly belong to the grandiose New York City. The movie follows the wedding story of Carrie Bradshaw, a novel writer, a bit of a journalist, and fashion lover, and a guy named John James Preston. There are twists, there are turns, a lot of drama, friendship and sarcastic remarks, and finally an ending which will satisfy all with sappy hearts out there. PS: if you fall in love with it and don’t feel like getting up from your comfy spot, just watch Sex and the City 2!

6. The Notebook.

Generally, this might be the most Valentine’s movie you will ever watch. One summer night, Noah and Allie meet at a carnival and somehow start a summer romance. As in love as they might be, Noah is still a ‘commoner’ while Allie stands an heiress to her family fortunes. Love that is forbidden (but true), separations and arguments, reunions and reconciliations, we watch their lives unfold in a 1940s California setting. It’s not exactly a ‘they lived happily ever after’, but it’s very, very close.

5. Love, Rosie.

This is a story that, contrary to the usual movie pace, starts out with the bumps and slowly diffuses into less dramatic tones that inevitably end on one very tranquil and exceptionally happy day. Rosie and Alex have been friends since, well, ever. They have big plans on leaving Ireland and going to enjoy the university life of the USA. Then there is one very unfortunate school dance that leaves Rosie with a secret she’s unwilling to share and their lives take a direction neither of them expected.

4. Love Actually.

Who cares that it’s not Christmas anymore! There’s no such time and place where listening to “Christmas Is All Around” is unacceptable. We follow the stories of love and betrayal of several people during Christmas, and this movie provides so many emotional and purely comical scenes that you will wish it was two hours longer than it is!

(Please, please, read the quote in Alan Rickman’s voice. It’s so worth it.)

3. Titanic.

I admit that this doesn’t seem like a conventional Valentine’s movie and that’s probably because it’s not. Poor artist Jack falls for Rose, a girl from a family who lost their fortune but will gain it back by the means of Rose’s marriage. While Rose’s mother views the marriage as a must since it will keep them at the top-class status, Rose herself despises the prospect to the point of nearly committing suicide. Jack and Rose’s lives intertwine and tangle, and in the end, it might almost, almost seem that the sinking of the Titanic solves the problem.

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary.

For everyone who has never heard of Bridget Jones, this lady is a living, breathing embodiment of a thirty-something teenage girl. She has a job and no filter , something that gets her into a lot of awkward situations. She wants to lose weight, stop smoking, and above all find Mr. Right— all of which is written down in a diary. If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh all night long and still go ‘aww’ at the end, this is it!

1. Me Before You.

Louisa is a girl diagnosed with chronic optimism and a permanent smile, which is probably why she , despite the lack of experience, is hired as the caregiver of Will Traynor. Trayner is a man who was left paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. Will used to be an active, adventurous man and now being unable to move is, to him, worse than death. Despite the initial coldness on Will’s side, Louisa manages to grow on him which is also when she learns that Will plans on going to Switzerland for euthanasia. Louise makes it her mission to persuade Will that his life is worth living. It doesn’t end the way you think.

There we go! Seven films that I hope you will enjoy along with about a gallon of ice cream, mountains of crisps, and several cups of tea (or a few glasses of wine?).

Fandom-obsessed, writing-possessed book lover from the Czech Republic.