3 Things To Do In Cornwall To Connect with Nature

One of the best things Cornwall has to offer is the nature that surrounds us. We've made a little list of things to do, because in case it wasn't obvious, there's quite a lot of nature to explore in Cornwall. Being in nature is not only enjoyable, its good for your mental wellbeing and is a great way to leave your stresses behind, even if its just for a couple hours.

1. Beaches 

The beaches are the reason (apart from an excellent course and good university) that I chose to study at Falmouth Uni. But don't just go to Gylly, explore the cost! get on the train or find someone who has a car and offer free food in exchange for a lift to the north coast gems or explore the caves on the south coast. If your feeling adventurous, go to lands end and see where the ocean meet the end of the UK. 

2. The woods 

When the beaches are too busy with tourists in the summer or the wind from the sea is too much to handle, go and explore some of the amazing moorland Cornwall has to offer, whether that's a hike in the hills or chasing rivers through forest land, being among the trees on a sunny day can be very comforting and a good relaxer.


3. Eden Project

If the thought of being outside in British weather is too much, fear not, because one of Cornwall's main attractions offers you the ability to be in tropical climates whilst still feeling like your outside in nature. The Eden project offers two huge domes filled with Mediterranean and tropical plants and temperatures that mimic their retrospective habitats. Feel like your on holiday for the day and at a discount too as locals (anyone who has a Devon or Cornwall address) get a reduced price.