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Recently, we visited the girls at Zen Bronze Tanning, located at 179 Post Road West, Westport, to get our glow on for Pres Ball! Zen Bronze just opened the doors to their new Westport location, and everything looks amazing. We had the pleasure of working with them to get a discounted $25 tan for Her Campus girls the days leading up to the big night. Everyone had a blast and came out looking more bronze than ever!


Everyone at Zen Bronze was so professional and informative- this was my first spray ten ever, and they walked me through the whole process, explaining what they were doing as we went on. Sometimes getting a spray tan can be a bit ~awkward~, but everyone at Zen Bronze made me feel super comfortable and calm the whole time. 

I went with the 8-hour medium shade for my tan, and all I can say is WOW! I felt so confident like I was glowing. The tan didn’t stain my clothes or my sheets, and after sleeping in it, I washed the tan off in the morning. Everything was even, there were no streaks, and the tan had deepened throughout the process.



We know it’s a bit hard to save money as a college student, but Zen Bronze is quick, easy, and AFFORDABLE! It’s worth every penny! So, go get your glow on! 


I am a Junior Marketing Major with a concentration in digital and social media marketing and a Finance minor at Fairfield University. I am a creative, driven, and hardworking individual who loves fashion and beauty.
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