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Photo contributed by Olivia DiTomaso

With over 11,000 subscribers, campus celebrity Olivia DiTomaso ’17 is a growing sensation on YouTube as a beauty and fashion guru. Her channel, aptly named LIVforstyle, includes a range of videos from makeup tutorials to outfits of the day, with everything beauty and style related in between. Besides being a star video blogger, Olivia is a busy first year student, learning to balance her YouTube fame and life as a collegiette. Her Campus Fairfield caught up with the makeup maven and got the inside scoop on all things LIVforstyle!


Her Campus: How did your YouTube channel, LIVforstyle, begin?

Olivia DiTomaso: My YouTube channel began two years ago; however, it wasn’t until last year that I began to film and upload on a schedule, uploading and filming a couple times a week. My love for YouTube all started after I spent hours watching beauty and fashion videos by some of my favorite gurus, like BeautyBaby44, Emilynoel83, MacBarbie07, Meghan Rosette, Lauren Elizabeth, and more. I loved watching makeup tutorials, reviews on new beauty products, and look books to get some fashion and makeup inspiration. I decided if they could do it, so could I. So one Saturday night I decided to open iMovie, and recorded my first video. The rest is history. My life was completely changed after that night I chose to put aside my fears and follow my passion for beauty, fashion, and YouTube. LIVforstyle was born.


HC: You have an impressive amount of subscribers. What’s your biggest accomplishment since starting your channel?

OD: To this day, one of my biggest accomplishments was starting my channel. Some may think filming a video and uploading it to YouTube is no big deal, but actually it takes a lot of courage. I am still very proud that I had the guts to start my own channel. Since starting it, I have accomplished so much. Many beauty companies, including Wet ‘N Wild, Two Cosmetics, Pop Beauty, and several others have contacted me to be a Beauty Ambassador and have sent me loads of makeup to film tutorials and review videos. I love trying out new products and introducing my viewers to new brands and items. Last year, Stacy Igel, the founder of an online clothing site, Boy Meets Girl, contacted me and since last year I have been working with Boy Meets Girl as a representative of the company, promoting their clothing items (keep your eyes out for an exciting video with Boy Meets Girl coming very soon to my channel). I have made such incredible friendships with Stacy and the ladies at Boy Meets Girl. In September of 2013, Stacy invited me to the Boy Meets Girl fashion show for New York City Fashion Week. I assisted Stacy and Boy Meets Girl with the show and models and created a video for them, documenting our experience at New York Fashion Week. I am incredibly proud of this opportunity to be part of New York Fashion Week. YouTube, my channel, and my viewers allowed me to experience the behind the scenes action at a fashion show. I have also been invited to many special events in New York City, including IMATS (International Makeup Artist Tradeshow) and BeautyCon. These events are all about gurus coming together, meeting each other, and allowing us to hold meet-ups to meet our viewers. It’s a surreal moment when someone comes up to you and says I watch your videos and you’re an inspiration. Words can’t describe that feeling, but whenever I meet my viewers, it makes me realize that my video making is rewarding.


HC: How has coming to college affected your channel/videos? Any plans for changes in the future?

OD: College has been an adjustment, especially when it comes to my video making, but I have managed to balance my schoolwork, social life, and YouTube channel. My video-making schedule has definitely changed. I now have to revolve my filming schedule around my roommate and be considerate of her. In high school, I would film many videos on the weekend, but in college my weekends are super busy so sometimes I have to sacrifice going to a townhouse party to stay in my dorm room and film, edit, and catch up on emails; but the sacrifice is worth it. Being enrolled in a film class, I have learned more about the camera, different ways to film, and editing skills, which have benefited my channel. Regarding any plans for changes in the future, I want to film more videos focusing on fashion. Since I am only a train ride away from New York City, the fashion capital of the world, I want to travel there more to film fashion videos and to find inspiration in the people and culture of the city.


HC: What is your major? How does your YouTube channel fit into your career goals?

OD: I am currently a Communication major and recently declared a Film, Television, Media Arts minor.  A couple of my career aspirations include having my own beauty, fashion, and lifestyle segment on a talk show, for example The Today Show. I am very interested in broadcast journalism and would love to be a host on E! News or even Fashion Police.  Not only am I interested in broadcast journalism, but I would love to open up my own clothing store or even start my own makeup line.  My YouTube channel has been the perfect way to keep me motivated to pursue my career goals.  I consider my YouTube channel similar to my own segment of a show and of course my channel allows me to discover new styles and try out new products, allowing me to learn more about filmmaking, makeup, and fashion.


HC: What is your best beauty/style/lifestyle advice for collegiettes?

OD: I think that would make for a good video idea, going to put that on my filming list right now! But for the sake of the question I’ll provide a few beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips. For beauty, keep it simple. Use products that will brighten up your face and eyes, especially for those nights you get zero sleep. One of my favorite looks that is super easy and takes little time is using colorful eyeliners for either your upper or lower lash line to make your eyes pop. When it comes to fashion, who really feels like putting loads of time in your outfit, especially when you have early classes? That doesn’t mean you have to look like a hobo, though. My go-to outfit for class, especially for warm spring days, is leggings, a jean jacket, and converse—comfy, yet stylish. My number one lifestyle advice is to be happy. I know it’s easier said than done, but everyday work on being happy, surrounding yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. Radiate those positive vibes!

Photo contributed by Olivia DiTomaso

Follow the self-described social media junkie at the links below and don’t forget to subscribe to her channel, LIVforstyle, for all things beauty and fashion!

YouTube: www.youtube.com/livforstyle

Twitter: @livforstyle

Instagram: @livforstyle

Karolina is a senior at Fairfield University with a major in Communications and a minor in Professional Writing. A newly appointed style editor this year, she has a passion for all things beauty and fashion. Follow her on instagram @kaphrodite!
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