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Why We’re Addicted to Chipotle

Chipotle is an easy meal choice. It’s Mexican food that is gourmet in comparison to Taco Bell and still really affordable. Although they are undoubtedly most famous for their burritos, Chipotle’s menu also includes tacos, the burrito bowl (my personal favorite), and quesadillas. Their food satisfies all sorts of cravings and can even cure the worst of hangovers. You can also get your daily serving of vegetables and avoid the grease next door at Five Guys. If those reasons don’t have you drooling, here are a few more reasons why we all love chipotle.

It’s just so satisfying.

It’s possible to still look cute while eating it.

It’s classy fast food. (Even Mitt Romney approves)

If you’ve never been to Chipotle, it’s…



Luckily for us Stags, there is a Chipotle just two miles away from campus. Grab your friends and don’t forget to add the guacamole, it’s worth the extra two bucks.

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Katrina is a junior at Fairfield University with double majors in English and Journalism, and a minor in German. 
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