Why It’s Important to Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Disinfect Your Makeup

Every day you use your favorite makeup brushes with your holy grail beauty products to do your makeup. But while it may not feel like it, or even look like it, the products and tools you use have dirt, bacteria, and oils built up on them.

Yup, the foundation of your breakouts is most likely, well, ~your foundation~.

But what exactly happens to your contour kit and blending brushes?

They start to look something like this:

Powder Blush: 

Powder Brush: 

With each use, the bacteria and dead skin cells from your face catch onto the product or tool you’re using, and stay put. This then can make your brushes scratchy and rough – a major problem for those with sensitive skin. When you go to use these brushes with a blush or face powder, the debris spreads over the product and your face. While your makeup may look pretty, the bacteria it spreads does not.

So while you may not have time to clean your brushes every day, you should definitely try to clean them once every week or two! You can use household items such as rubbing alcohol and anti-bacterial hand soap to make sure that when you put bronzer on a brush, you don’t put germs on it too.