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What’s Cooking Good Looking: 8 Easy Hacks for the Tully

Eating at school can be a challenge. While college life is great, the food in the dining hall might not always be. Even though there are usually plenty of options to choose from, it is easy to get in the routine of eating the same thing every day – boring!

Here are a few of our favorite go-to hacks for when you don’t know what to eat or just need to spice up your life.

Diner-Style Breakfast

Step up your breakfast game by making cream cheese icing! All you need is some cream cheese (located by the bagels), sugar, and a dash of vanilla flavoring (both can be found at the coffee station). Mix all three ingredients together in a bowl, and spread on waffles or use to layer some French Toast. Throw on some strawberries to create a dining hall version of a classic diner favorite!


The Stir Fry Station is truly something to utilize – and it isn’t just for making eggs and rice! Head over to the sandwich station and ask for a wrap. Then grab some chicken, cheese, and anything else you may want in your quesadilla, like tomatoes or spinach!

Put a little bit of oil in the pan to keep the wrap from sticking, fill the wrap with your ingredients, and you’re good to go! (Bonus: if avocados are available smash some up in a bowl with a little bit of salt to make a side of guacamole. You can also add a bit of lemon or lime water for a better taste!)

Stir-Fry Salads

Who said Stir-Fry has to be unhealthy? If you’re not a huge fan of salads, this is a great way to have a hot, but still healthy meal. You simply pick your favorite vegetables, a carbohydrate, and a protein (we love pasta and chicken!) – and dump it all in a pan with some oil. (Bonus: let some diced tomatoes sauté in the pan to get an all-natural tomato sauce.)



Quinoa Stir-Fry

Another good way to make a healthier stir fry is to use quinoa instead of rice or pasta! You can still throw in your chicken and soy sauce, but know you’re saving yourself a few calories using the quinoa found at the salad bar!

Spinach Bacon Pasta

The Tully pretty much always offers plain pasta and sauce, but who wants that day after day? Instead you can use the pasta, sauce, and stir fry station to build yourself a better pasta dish. First, fill a bowl with pasta, a cup with tomato sauce, and a half cup of whole milk. At the Stir-Fry station, sauté some onions in a pan with oil. Then, grab some spinach and bacon bits, letting those cook until the spinach has turned dark and the bacon looks crispy. After, mix in your pasta, sauce, and milk. To finish it off, add some shredded cheese, and continue to stir until it is all melted!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

This hack is so easy! Grab two cookies from the bakery and go over to the ice cream station. Then, you can choose a scoop of any ice cream flavor, or if you’re daring use soft serve, and place it on one cookie. Take your second cookie and place it on top of the ice cream. Now you’ve created your very own ice cream sandwich!

Almost Homemade Hack

For when you’re craving warm, homemade chocolate chip cookies, but don’t have time to bake a batch yourself, this hack is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth! Grab some chocolate chip cookies from the bakery, and put them in the toaster oven by the bagels! This will soften the cookies and make the chocolate chips gooey and delicious.

Trail Mix For The On-The-Go Girl

As everyone knows school can be hectic once clubs and classes start up. If you don’t have time to go back to your dorm and grab a snack, don’t worry! An easy on-the-go snack is trail mix – and you can make it in the dining hall! Grab a coffee cup and a lid, then head over to the yogurt station. Fill your cup with about ¼ of granola and ¼ with raisins (or craisins if you prefer). For something sweet, head over to the ice cream station and fill your cup another ¼ of the way with chocolate chips or M&Ms. After you’ve collected all of your ingredients, put the lid on, and shake! Now you have the perfect snack for in-between classes, or that all-nighter in the library!

These easy hacks will make it easier than ever to make the most out of your Tully experience! Happy eating, Stags!


Molly Concannon

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