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What It’s Like Leaving Your Friends For Summer as Told by GIFs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Saying goodbye to your friends for the summer can be tough. We don’t realize how much time we actually spend surrounded by our best friends until we get home for summer. It takes a lot of adjustment to realize that for the next four months of summer, your friends won’t be with you for every moment of the day. Here are some of the troubles we deal with when we no longer have our best friends by our side on the reg.

You realize you won’t have someone around 24/7 to complain to or torture.

No one will be able to deal with your moods like they can.

You won’t wake up and have someone to remind you of your night.

No longer will your best friends be forcing you out of bed to get ready for the night even if you’re still hungover.

You will have to find a new bed to crawl into when you come back from a night out upset over a boy.

You will have to remind yourself that not everyone understands that you do not share food.

You have four months of withdrawal from your partners in crime.

You soon realize that that group thread begins to die down.

But then it picks up once you realize you have to fill them in with your entire life at home.

Figuring out an outfit will become the ultimate struggle since you will only have your closet to choose from.

No one at home will understand your inside jokes or the extreme weirdness you picked up in college.

You begin getting the urge to let every social media outlet know how much you miss your friends.

But then, once July hits, the countdown begins until you’re all reunited.

And once you are reunited, it’s like no time has gone by without seeing them! 

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