Wear The World, Change The World


I feel so fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to sit down with Megan Kristof, a freshman at Fairfield University and learn about Serengetee! Her efforts as a Fairfield Campus Representative help to support communities from different parts of the globe. Serengetee sells merchandise where their patterns are designed and created by artisans from various countries. When you purchase one of their products, 5% of the proceeds go to an amazing cause from the same area the fabric was made.  Thanks to the efforts of amazing people like Megan, a total of $102,458 has been donated to suffering villages.

1. First start off by briefly telling me a little about Serengetee. Serengetee is a clothing and product company that started with three friends in college while they traveled to over 15 countries during their semester abroad. They created a company that as the website states,  “to connect people to the globe through fabric while giving back to the communities that inspire our products.” The company has thrived ever since, donating 5% of its proceeds to over 32 causes worldwide. Every fabric is linked to a specific cause where the purchase gives back to and supports local artisans and communities where the design originated.

2. What is your role within the company?My role within the company is a college campus representative for Fairfield University. As a rep, I am continuously spreading the Serengetee vibe around campus. Social media plays such a large role in today’s society and I use the impact of that to promote their products. Often times, I will be wearing a piece of their merchandise and it will spark conversation with people around campus who compliment its uniqueness.

3. How did you get involved?I became involved thanks to a friend of mine. She was actually a representative as well. As she educated me about Serengetee’s inspirational mission, I could not help but fall in love with the company. As a result, I wanted to become part of the tribe in any way I could and here I am now!

4. Where are some of the countries the fabrics come from?The fabrics come from all over the world. From Nicaragua to Madagascar, multiple countries from the six continents, excluding Antarctica, Serengetee represents.

5. What is your favorite fabric and cause that Serengetee supports?Oh that sounds difficult to pick just one! One of my top favorites is Metz, which is connected to the country of France. The fabric supports the termination of human trafficking, or modern-day slavery, where human beings are forced into labor and other unthinkable situations. The statistic is that every 30 seconds another individual becomes a victim of modern-day slavery. The fabric gives back to the A21 Campaign, a worldwide organization that strives to end slavery across the globe through “prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership.”

6. What do you love most about the organization?What I love most about Serengetee is how by purchasing various items I can change the lives of people all around the globe. It is amazing to me that how by simply purchasing something that catches my eye; I can help turn someone’s life around for the better.

Thank You, Megan for your remarkable efforts to help change the lives of people around the globe! If you are interested in learning more and receiving a 15% off discount on your purchase, please contact Megan at: [email protected]