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The ~Ultimate~ Presidential Debate Drinking Game

The first presidential debate between Democrat, Hillary Clinton, and Republican, Donald Trump, will be held at Hofstra University, Monday September 26, at 9 p.m. Many are predicting an outright reality-TV show-like showdown between the two nominees. So, to make things even more entertaining, why not play a drinking game?!

The rules are simple:

Team Clinton: Drink when… She walks out and is wearing a pants-suit She says, “Stronger Together”, Anyone mentions her pneumonia or health issues, Her email scandal is brought up
Team Trump: Drink when…  He says, “Make America Great Again”, Anyone questions his qualifications, If you think he got a spray tan right before the debate, He claims Mexico will pay for the wall

Team Clinton: Drink when… She talks about her Secretary of State position, She talks about how she will achieve equality for the people, She mentions Bernie Sanders in some form    She coughs, then drinks water

Team Trump: Drink when… He blames Obama for America’s problems, He blames immigrants for America’s problems, He says he knows how to take down ISIS, He makes his infamous pressed-lips, squinted eyes, emoji-like face
By the time the debate is over, you might be asking yourself, is this 2016 election real life and will I ever recover from tomorrow morning’s hang over…? Water is most likely the best way to play this game considering the rules. Best of luck voters, the fate of America is in your hands. 





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