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The Ultimate Bittersweet Goodbye

You’re 18 and all you can think about is graduating high school and starting that scary new chapter in your life: college! It is a whole new world; a whole new life that will lead you into adulthood intellectually and emotionally. When you finally arrive at your new home, you feel so small in the grand scheme of things. You’re back to being a freshman, the lowest one on the totem pole. It seems like senior year is an eternity away.

But now all of a sudden you’re 21 and beginning your final semester in college and wondering where the time went and how you can go back to being that naïve freshman standing in the quad. You know they say that time flies when you’re having fun, but you never actually believed them until now: senior year. You have worked so hard throughout your time here and have thought about giving up probably more than once, but you didn’t. You have grown as a person into someone you never thought you’d be 3 years ago: amazing!

But sadly, although there are still memories to be made in your college career, they are about to end. Your brain is playing ping-pong with your heart and you can’t tell if this is exciting and awesome or if the imminent end to a life of fun is too sad to bear.

So here’s to every senior who understands such a bittersweet moment as this. Just know that freshman standing awkwardly in the quad would be so proud of you.
Cheers to a beautiful final semester! #Seniors2016