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Trendsetter Tuesday: The 5th Watches Company

As January comes to a close, it seems to get harder and harder to feel motivated to dress ~fabulously~ in a frigid East Coast winter while remaining both comfortable and warm. But not to fear…the 5th Watches Company has beautifully crafted, sleek watches that have the potential to tie together and add an elegant pizazz to any kind of outfit!

 The 5th Watches Company sell watches that tell a story, while also being an accessory that become part of YOUR story. The new company has a New York City line that encourages adding a little New York style to your outfit (while also trying to keep up with New Yorker time, right?!). It is to die for!

 Our lovely HC team member and Trendsetter Creative Director, Kaitlyn Strada, shows off the Pink Haru watch (95.00) with a brown suede jacket. The soft pink can be paired with neutral colors- even tones of deep blues, the Haru watch is a staple, yet stand out accessory.

The 5  Watches Company craft simplistic, yet elegant style watches that are versatile for both dressing up and down. As you can see, Kaitlyn was able to pair her Gray Tsuyu watch (95.00) with a casual, sporty outfit that added for a monochromatic look.  Because of the comfortable strap and it’s bold face,  Tsuyu watch can dress up and make a statement with any outfit. This watch would also be perfect with bold, bright colors as the neutral color of it balances it out. 

And, it get’s even better. If you check out 5th Watches website right now (listed below), you can get a 10% off discount using the promo code: HCFF. Be sure to follow them on instagram to watch out for these watches!

Website: http://www.the5th.co/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the5thwatches/

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