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Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Recap

Netflix’s hit reality dating show Too Hot to Handle is back and better than ever for a third season! The show revolves around a group of “serial daters” who will do anything to avoid making an emotional connection, and has gathered a brand new, drama-filled cast with more fan favorites.

The show follows the group’s journey as they are forced to fight against their temptations, as there is a strict ban on any kind of physical contact. If anyone in the cast breaks this one golden rule, the entire cash prize fund is decreased. The goal of this is to promote the building of emotional connections, but this does not come without its challenges.

Like previous seasons, the show’s host “Lana” has invited her new group to the tropical beach villa, and shortly after their arrival, drops the truth bomb that they are actually about to embark on an emotional retreat to better themselves and their relationships. Like we have seen in seasons past, the group is upset and unconvinced they will, or want to, make any progress. However, the plot twists, new-found friendships, and workshops that unravel throughout the ten-episode series prove them wrong.

While the show doesn’t initially sound like it follows a typical reality television format, this season is no stranger to drama, betrayal, rule breaks, and pure entertainment. With the highest stakes the show has ever seen—a generous 200,000 dollar prize fund—the newest season is definitely worth a watch. Not to mention, the new and adorable fan favorite couples like Beaux and Harry, and Nathan and Holly. Be sure to check out the totally binge-worthy and most exciting season yet, now streaming on Netflix!

Caroline Russo

Fairfield '24

Caroline is currently a sophomore at Fairfield University from Boston. She is studying psychology and behavioral neuroscience.
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