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alexa demie as maddy and sydney sweeney as cassie in euphoria
alexa demie as maddy and sydney sweeney as cassie in euphoria
Photograph by Eddy Chen/HBO

Sydney Sweeney Launches Collab With Frankies Bikinis 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Image Source: Sydney Sweeney Launches Swimwear Collab With Frankies Bikinis (elle.com) 

Upon hearing the name Sydney Sweeney, you wouldn’t be the only one who immediately imagines the infamous Cassie Howard from the popular HBO TV series Euphoria that launched in 2019. Now, Sweeney can be seen collaborating with Frankies Bikinis. Elle Magazine reveals that Sweeney hopes to make women feel “confident and free in a swimsuit”. However, the connection between these juxtaposing endeavors is the question on everyone’s mind.

As a result of her prominent role in Euphoria, Sweeney received a lot of recognition from businesses, especially after the notorious hot tub scene with Sweeney’s character wearing a swimsuit from Frankies Bikinis, and going through her own skincare routine. Madison Rexroat, a writer for Elle Magazine, determines this scene to be the driving factor for why Sweeney received the offer to collaborate. However, I believe there is more to the story. 

Sweeney revealed in an interview that she grew up in a family with her mother a lawyer and her father a doctor, therefore school for Sweeney always came first. As a result, Sweeney graduated valedictorian of her class in high school and is now pursuing a business degree at UCLA while also filming. 

After Sweeney’s challenging role in Euphoria, she was ready to take on another. Luckily, the popular new satiric series on HBO, The White Lotus, was holding auditions and Sweeney got the role of Olivia Mossbacher. In a certain scene, Olivia wears a one-piece flower swimsuit while talking to her friend Paula. Upon researching the swimsuit, one can purchase it in another colored pattern in the Frankies Bikinis online store. This is yet another appearance of Sweeney wearing a swimsuit from Frankies Bikinis after the hot tub scene. At this point, you’re probably wondering why she didn’t get an offer sooner. 

In the piece by Rexroat, she reveals that “Gen Z’s favorite bikini brand has partnered with the TikTok demographic’s favorite bombshell”. Founder of Frankies Bikinis, Francesca Aiello, had been working on the designs since the hot-tub-inspiration, but only this year did Aiello finally ask Sweeney to collaborate. Sweeney is only going to get more involved in businesses and the production industry. And Frankies Bikinis is going to be the brand that gets her there.

XO Charlotte

Image Source: https://www.popsugar.com/fashion/photo-gallery/48457848/image/48457862/Olivia-wears-funky-one-shoulder-one-piece-by-Frankies-Bikinis-in 

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