Sundance Film Festival Movies to Watch

Of course we all love sitting down for a classic Jennifer Aniston rom-com with a huge bucket of popcorn, but sometimes we just need a little more substance than the jock falling in love with the girl next door.

If you’re ever stuck on finding something with drama, love, suspense, and heartache, Sundance Film Festival movies are calling your name. In honor of the festival happening right now, here is a list of some of our favorite films from them:

1) Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
If you haven’t seen this already, you must rent it ASAP. This hilarious comedy shows the series of (unfortunate) events that occur as the Hoover family takes a road trip to a children’s beauty pageant. It may be considered a comedy, but there are tons of heartfelt moments throughout.

2) Winter’s Bone (2010)
Jennifer Lawrence stars in this nail-biting film about a 17-year old girl who plans on going to the ends of the earth to find her absent, crystal meth manufacturing, low-life father. If she doesn’t find him in a week’s time, her family will lose it all.

3) Little Accidents (2014)
After a horrific coal mining accident that left only one survivor, a teenage boy goes missing which leaves the already shattered people of the small town even more distraught. The disappearance of this boy brings together three strangers in a web of secrets and lies. 

4) The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015)
This film is based on the true story of the Stanford University Psychology Department in 1971. These men created a jail simulation using paid students to act as prisoners and guards. Every minute that goes by will make your fists clench harder and harder.

5) Me Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)
This award-winning movie takes you through Greg and Earl’s senior year as they get to know Rachel, a classmate who’s been diagnosed with leukemia. The film mainly focuses on the extraordinary but devastating friendship between Greg and Rachel.

6) Difret (2015)
As horrible as it sounds, it is common for young girls to be abducted and forced into marriage in Ethiopia. This film tells the devastating story of a 14-year old girl who ends up killing her soon-to-be husband after being abducted. This brave girl has people fighting to keep her from being killed while the many men of her village do everything they can to kill her. 

As for films to look out for during the 2016 Sundance Film Festival…

Nick Jonas-yes- Nick Jonas stars in this film about a 19-year old boy who chooses to join a fraternity in order to prove his masculinity. This movie is full of terror, strength, and courage and is definitely a top contender for this year’s festival.

The Free World
Mo-a man who was recently released from an extensive stretch in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, struggles to acclimate to the world outside of steel bars. Soon after his release, he gets involved with Doris-a married woman with an abusive husband-and things start to get complicated.

In order to keep a young toddler away from her neglectful and overly wealthy mother, a woman takes the child and plans to pass her off as her own. This radical choice connects three different women and potentially changes their lives forever.


                                               Happy watching!