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So You Texted Your Ex…

*The opinions in the following letter are 100% out own* 

Dear Ex Texter,

So you texted your ex…don’t freak out.

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we’ve all had that experience where something reminds us of our ex and it makes us miss them uncontrollably. It could happen three days after the breakup or three months after but the point is it happens to everyone. Maybe you passed the coffee shop where you had your first date together or you sat near a guy in class that wears the same cologne your ex used to and just like that the memories come flooding back.

Now you’ve already chosen to text your ex instead of swearing to yourself never to drive past that coffee shop again or to sit on the opposite side of the room from the other guy who wears his cologne…and that’s okay.

There’s always a possibility that by texting him you may create some closure in your past relationship. Whether that means accepting the break up and instead possibly creating a friendship or who knows, even giving things another try.

It’s safe to assume that while you were together you two had something special and you should feel comfortable communicating with him. Just be careful. If you text him anticipating that this one text will make him want to get back together, it might not happen. Or it very well might. Either way whatever is meant to happen will happen.

Just remember collegiettes, texting your ex shouldn’t be something to fear as long as you remember to remain realistic and focus on a healthy relationship whether it be friends, dating or agreeing to stay broken up. Best of luck!


Just your average college sophomore. Except not.
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