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Sh*t Girls Say: When The Weather Gets Warm

Once the snow melts and the temperature rises, girls break out the sundresses and spring fever. No matter how warm it actually is, we refuse to put on our boring winter jackets anymore and acknowledge the temperature because it’s technically spring, right?


“I’m sweating.”

It seems as if as soon as it’s not frigid anymore, our bodies just cannot handle it and now we have to worry about sweat marks. Why.

“I need an iced coffee.”

The ultimate necessity for a girl when the temperature rises above the negatives and we can switch from hot to iced coffee without judgment.

“Am I tan yet?”

The sun has finally shown itself after three months of freezing weather…why am I not bronzed?


Having to go to class when its beautiful out is ridiculous. Why am I not at the beach?

“I’m wearing shorts.”

Once it rises above 50 degrees, we all have this automatic idea that it is about 80 degrees.

“Lets go do homework outside.”

Any excuse to lie on the grass and not freeze to death is a good one.


Why simply pregame at night when you can drink for hours on end during the day?

“I need to go to the gym.”

Why don’t these shorts fit?

“It’s like 80 degrees out.”

If it’s not below freezing, it’s hot.

“When’s Clam Jam?”

The ultimate question for once it’s warm outside and the ultimate event of spring semester.


I'm a Communication major, double minor in Professional Writing and Spanish at Fairfield University.I love having a good time, dogs, tattoos and making people laugh. That's pretty much it.
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