The Secret is Out – Lingerie Is In

In the early 2000’s, red carpets around the world were inhabited by A-List celebrities in ornate, full gowns of various jewels, sequins, and embellishments. Soon enough, fans became more enamored with the intricate clothes than the celebrities actually wearing them.

However, a noticeable shift occurred after the end of the decade. Designers put away the rhinestones, and traded their elaborate creations for more classic, simple designs in order to appeal to a wider audience. In a fashion world where simple and quite frankly, boring, was the trend, big brands were still looking for a way to be different. So, they looked within their outdated designs for inspiration – quite literally, as the fashion world’s epiphany came from underwear.


Fashion giants Tom Ford and House of Holland have both collaborated with the lingerie company Ultimo. The collections that were created out of these collaborations are famous for their clever and flirty attire.

Style icons such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have been spotted rocking the lingerie trend on the street and the red carpet by wearing open shirts with revealing cutouts accented by silk, lace and sheer undergarments. Devout fashionistas also happily embodied the trend, as wearable lingerie began to fill their closets. It was clear that the glitzy statement dress was kicked off its high throne, and flirtatious minimalism now ruled.

The emergence of embracing underwear as a significant feature of an outfit goes beyond being a popular fashion trend. Moving forward from the time when a woman would be judged if her bra strap was visible, the wearable lingerie trend has brought about a silent, but strong confidence for women in the world of fashion. This flirtatious style has encouraged women to be bold in their outfit choices, and strut their stuff.

So collegiettes, unpop that extra button, or wear that cute bra with a sheer top. Someone should probably tell Victoria, but her secret is out, and it is here to stay.