Review of Her Campus College Fashion Week in NYC!

Ladies, Her Campus College Fashion Week didn't disappoint yet again! There were so many amazing Insta opportunities; it was absolutely fabulous. Sponsors such as Venmo, Primark, and Flare had interactive booths that the attendees could visit. Venmo especially has the coolest booth I’ve ever seen! Collegiettes…it was a ball with flying confetti (queue party music, please).



Besides all of the amazing sponsors, let’s talk about the fashion show sponsored by ~the one and only~ Primark! The show highlighted the latest fall trends from the company, and it was super cute and #affordable. I'll definitely be adding some of these trends into my wardrobe this season without a doubt! College Fashion Week wouldn't be complete if they didn’t give us free goodies to take home :) 


It was such an ~amazing~ experience going to the show and seeing all the other amazing ladies that I met at Her Conference. I am honored to be a part of such a ~fabulous~ organization.  



Her Campus College Fashion Week is a must to attend and is truly an amazing experience!