Review of Fetty Wap @ Red Sea Madness

Annually, students across Fairfield’s campus wait for the day that Red Sea Madness arrives with its celebration of the basketball season and the concert hosted by FUSA. This year, students were bundled with joy as they heard that the ~nostalgic~ Fetty Wap would be arriving to campus and greeting us with his well-known “Trap Queen” and “My Way.” On October 25th, Fetty stepped foot onto Fairfield’s campus, and the anticipation for the big night ahead was seen throughout classrooms and residence halls. 


However, many students across campus had a concern that Fetty would not make it to campus this year and that he would have to miss out on performing during Red Sea Madness. According to TMZ News, Fetty Wap was arrested just six days prior to the concert. Fetty was charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting a security guard at a casino in Las Vegas. It was with great relief that his attendance was in confirmation by his agent.   



Nonetheless, after the pep rally, featuring the men’s and women’s basketball teams and a performance by our Fairfield Dance and Cheerleading Team, thousands of Stags trampled their way into Alumni Hall to watch Fetty Wap perform his songs that take all of us back a few years. DJ VIGS, a current Fairfield Student, opened for Fetty Wap, blasting remixes of recent rap and hip hop songs that everyone loves. Finally, (at what felt like forever), Fetty took the stage. Fetty’s performance set the bar for many Fairfield students, allowing everyone to listen to the rap ~oldies~ for a night in a live setting. There is nothing better than that!  



Since the kickoff for the men and women’s Varsity Basketball Teams took place just about two weekends ago, make sure you head over to the Webster Bank Arena this fall and upcoming winter to show support and spirit for our Varsity Basketball Teams. The season opener is November 5th!  


Until next time! HCXO