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Rachel Lindsay Makes History Being The First Black Bachelorette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

On Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, it was announced that Rachel Lindsay will be the first black bachelorette in Bachelorette history. This is a pivotal moment in the show’s history, as there has never a person of color as the lead in the show. Although there have been many contestants of color on the show, none of them has ever won. In the past, the show has faced a lot of scrutiny over the lack of diversity amongst the contestants and leads on the show. It is about time that the show has their first bachelorette of color and all collegiettes can agree there are no better fit then Rachel.

            Rachel Lindsay has been a fan favorite since the season premiere. Rachel is a 31 year-old lawyer from Texas. Along with being very intelligent, she is also beautiful and handled herself with such grace in this season’s The Bachelor.

            When asked about how she feels about being the first black bachelorette Rachel said on Good Morning America, “I’m honored to have this opportunity and to represent myself as an African-American woman and I just hope that people rally behind me like they did in Nick’s season”  

            Although Rachel will be the first black bachelorette, she later explains that he will be no different then other season of The Bachelorette. We wish her all the luck in finding love on her season of the Bachelorette! 


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