Pretty Little Liars Spinoff is Coming

Got a secret; can you keep it? A couple of years ago, we said goodbye to our favorite liars since they were finally free of their tormentors, and we thought we had seen the last of these girls. Remember the good ole days when Alison was missing and A started sending handwritten notes and texts? We sure do. Two of our favorites are coming back, along with a new cast for Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. Alison and Mona are going to a new town, yet they can’t keep out of the drama. They now have relocated to a new town called Beacon Heights, with seemingly perfect residents. Sound familiar?



We can feel the chills and excitement already! We are ~so excited~ to have Alison and Mona back and to meet the new characters. You may recognize a couple of the cast members such as Sofia Carson who starred in Descendants, and Kelly Rutherford who played the iconic Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl #castgoals.


The new show premieres on Freeform on March 20th. We are ready to be intrigued and possibly terrified, and we couldn't be more excited Collegiettes! Click here to watch the trailer.