Packing Tips for Winter Break

Although there’s a tremendous amount of excitement that surrounds going home for a whole month after finals, there’s one thing that can get just as frustrating as studying. That is, packing. Packing for winter break is no small task. It’s a process that freaks most people out because you MUST bring everything home that you might even consider wearing while you’re home. Keep these helpful tips in mind when packing for winter break!!

Bring it Home Bring home EVERYTHING that you haven’t worn at school yet. In my closet at school, I hang everything up, and when I am done, I place it to the right side of my closet. I take a picture of where everything began, so I know what I didn’t touch during the first semester of school. If you haven’t worn it yet, chances are you never will. Especially after you return home from Christmas break with your new goodies.

Utilize your space There are simple hacks you can follow to minimize your luggage load while heading home for break. Use your rain boots as storage and utilize all cosmetic bags or pouches to pack small goods.

Buy luggage that EXPANDS Some luggage, such as Vera Bradley or Tumi have a feature that allows you to expand your suitcases dimensions. Simply unzip a layer to give your suitcase an extra few inches to pack. Then, zip it back up to tighten your luggage to hold all your clothes together.

Purging is GOOD! If you haven’t worn certain pieces of clothing yet, consider donating it. There is no reason to have a jacket you never touch taking space up in your closet, so, donate it to someone who needs it! Make yourself feel good this holiday season by purging and creating space while also giving the less fortunate things they need.

Pack before it’s time to go Although this sounds like common sense, don’t leave your packing until the last minute! Take time to fold your clothes up nicely so they are EASY to unpack once you get home!

Do your laundry here at school, or wait for you parent’s to do it! Nothing is better than unpacking clean and folded clothes so they are ready to wear back at home! If you forget to wash some items, your parents probably miss doing your laundry, take advantage of this while you can!

MAKE A LIST Your college dorm is locked for good once you leave until you get back in January, so make sure you don’t forget any of your favorite garments! Create your list days prior to packing, so you don’t forget any possibilities for your winter vacation. Always remember the little things like toiletries, socks, pajamas, makeup and styling supplies!

Pro Tip: Bring your bed back. Not literally, but bring your comforter home to get freshened up!