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Our Take on the Hoodies Under Blazers Trend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

The hoodie under a blazer trend is a newest combination of the athleisure style. It brings together the cute yet comfy look that will achieve the trend you want—but how do you properly pull it off? Lucky for you, I tried the trend myself with a couple of different looks, and I am going to break it down.

The key is finding the perfect blazer, which I find to be leather. The leather blazer, which has become extremely popular recently, is the perfect investment piece to pair with your sweatshirt, and then a dress for later on during the night! Princess Polly, Zara, and Revolve have stylish leather blazers that will complete the trendy look! 

The hoodie that goes underneath the blazer can be any color or design. It is fun to wear a bright color, or just a white sweatshirt with a graphic logo on it. Some of my favorite hoodies to buy that can match your look include a plain Hanes hoodie in any color, or one of the many sweatshirts MayFair makes. 

The hoodie under blazer look can be paired with jeans or leather pants, and completed with cute sneakers or heels for a night out. This trend is perfect for shopping around town or for dinner because it is a perfect combination of comfy and stylish. My advice to you is to try it out and experiment to discover what you like best! 

Saunder Saffran

Fairfield '24

Saunder is currently majoring in Finance and Marketing at Fairfield University. She is from outside of New Haven, Connecticut.