My First Pure Barre Experience

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to take my first Pure Barre class in downtown Fairfield. I’m a runner, so I thought this would be a great chance for me to try something different, all while improving my strength and flexibility. Pure Barre is truly unlike any other workout I’ve done and is SO much harder than running. I definitely worked muscles I never even knew I had.

The class instructor Kaitlyn T. couldn’t have been more empowering and enthusiastic throughout the whole workout. My ~fav~ part of Pure Barre was how it incorporated elements of dance techniques during the workout session. We used the ballet barre to perform small, muscular movements intended to tone and sculpt. Core, cardio, and strength are the three main components incorporated in every class session. The intention to create a well-rounded workout is very much appreciated and so worth it!

Pure Barre is a welcoming, high-energy, and motivating atmosphere that inspires fitness and lifestyle goals. If you’re looking to truly break a sweat, transform your body in record-breaking time, or simply change your workout routine, Pure Barre is the place for you! I highly recommend Pure Barre to all collegiettes and can’t wait for another amazing workout with new and positive challenges!