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Meet Carly Ciambriello ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.


Name: Carly CiambrielloYear: SeniorMajor: Communication, Marketing

Her Campus: When did you first get certified in Zumba, have you always been a dancer?Carly Ciambriello: I got licensed to teach Zumba at age 16.  Growing up as a competitive dancer and cheerleader, Zumba was totally my forte.  They offered it at my dance studio and I was instantly hooked. After joining a gym, I decided to get my license to teach a few months later. I still can’t get enough of it 5 years later!

HC: Are you extremely in to fitness, and what is your favorite aspect of being an instructor?CC: Fitness is not only a career for me, but also a lifestyle.  I am usually at the gym 6-7 days a week teaching or training. Fitness is a huge priority of mine, along with school, family and work.  Keeping a strong body has helped me keep a strong mind, especially through college. My favorite aspect of being a fitness instructor Is knowing you have impacted someone’s life.  In Zumba specifically, I will have students who are looking to lose weight, get over depression and anxiety, or are just looking for some friends.  To be able to help someone conquer a struggle in their life like that is so rewarding, and has also helped me grow lifelong friendships.  Some of my best friends I have met at the gym.

HC: Where do you teach classes, and when?CC: I currently teach Zumba at The Edge Fitness Clubs in Fairfield Tuesdays 9:30am.I am here in the Fairfield University Recplex:Monday- 7:15pm ZumbaTuesday- 4:30pm Zumba, 5:30pm Boot CampThursday- 5:30pm Zumba, 6:30pm Kickboxing

HC:You’ve interned for a gym before so what type of things did you do for them, and do you see yourself pursuing a career in fitness and health?CC: In my Junior year at Fairfield, I did a marketing internship at The Edge Fitness Clubs in Fairfield.  I did print-marketing, as well as social media and event planning.  I had a great experience and would love to continue a career path in fitness marketing. I have learned to love marketing, and working in some health or fitness related field would put my two passions together!

HC: A lot of people are intimidated to Zumba, me being one of them because I have zero rhythm. What piece of advice do you have for them? CC: Do you know how many people have said this to me? At least 100.  The only piece of advice I can give anyone who is intimidated is to just let loose and have a good time.  Everyone in a Zumba class is there for the same reasons: to get a work out without actually feeling like they’re working out.  They want to laugh and sweat at the same time! I am all about the fun so there is nothing to be afraid of.  Join the party!

HC: What is your favorite song to do Zumba to?CC: Tough question! I think all of my students here at Fairfield can agree my “Kiss You” dance by One Direction is an all time favorite.  It has yet to leave my playlist in over a year, its super fun and killer on the legs ;)

HC: Do you have anything else our readers should know?CC: I have recently become an officer in the Fitness Club- a brand new club here at Fairfield! We are offering all different types of workouts- Zumba, body building, running, women’s lifting, etc.  Find us on Facebook to keep an active lifestyle during the school semesters!

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