Meet Campus Cuties: Mac & Gus

This week I got the honor of interviewing two of Fairfield’s favorite sophomores - Mac Leys and August Sample. The best buds are known for their amazing sense of humor and good looks, what more could a girl as for in a Campus Cutie?


Mac - English education

Gus - Communications


Mac - Newport, RI

Gus - Concord, MA

Relationship status?

Gus - Very single

Mac - … What he said

Did you have any exciting Valentine’s Day Plans?

Mac - No date - hung out with some friends. It was Ash Wednesday and we found out we were going to Nationals so it was a pretty good day with good people anyways.

Gus - Me, myself, and I

What’s the worst and best part about going to Fairfield University?

Best - Definitely the friends you meet, there's such good people here and it's always a good time.  

Worst - Classes, RAs, kind of repetitive - same stuff every weekend, but I guess that could be any school so I’m actually going to say nothing.

What is the most interesting dispute you two have gotten into?

Well it was over chips. You know the variety packs you can get at Costco? With the Doritos, Cheetos, etc? We got in in a fight over which chip was best - and it lasted for at least 40 minutes. We decided on Funyuns because it's the first to disappear of the bunch, but it wasn’t an easy conclusion to come to.  

Describe yourself in three words

M - Outgoing, Nice, Really really really ridiculously good looking - that counts as one word right?

G - Breathtaking, Charismatic, Nice

Describe each other in three words

M - Gus is confident but also how do you describe a man that's indescribable. Well besides confident.

G- Friendly, Lover, Family-oriented

What’s your favorite part of being a part of Club Hockey here?

M - It’s just like the boys, it's who you always hang out with, who you can count on.  

G- It lets you still be super competitive. Plus I’m totally going to tell girls that I played hockey in college.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve seen the other do?

M - When Gus ripped a hole in his day drink onesie. The best was that he really didn't care. So that was cool.

G- Mac crying. I’m the only one at Fairfield who's seen it. Picture a happy grizzly bear, now picture it crying. That is essentially it. It was an angry cry. Not good and you feel bad, but definitely funny.


The fateful onesie.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for a girl?

M- One time the patriots where playing and my ex girlfriend didn't want to watch and instead wanted to go for a walk. We went for a walk instead. Man, that was tough.

G - My sister went to denver for school so I spend a whole weeks paycheck on ski goggles for her. Oh, and breakfast in bed for a girl - who doesn’t love breakfast in bed?

What’s your favorite going out outfit?

M - My Post Malone costume for Halloween this year was pretty fun. Or anytime I wear my fart hat. Either one.

G - I love getting dressed up and going out. Anytime I’m in a suit and tie I’m a happy guy.



Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

M- Hopefully teaching high school english, probably married? That's a scary thought. Ten years seems to far away.

G- I don't know I don’t like to picture that far - two kids though.

Being on a team, what happens when two players like the same girl?

M - Well it depends, if they just both like the same girl then the best man wins. If one likes more her more than the other - then someone might get mad.

G - I agree with Mac, otherwise - no comment.

What are you looking forward to most about this semester?

M - I would have to say Nationals, the whole team is pretty excited about that one! Oh, and of course the return of the slip and slides.

G- Honestly, the nice weather and being outside on Saturdays again.