Meet Campus Cuties: Joe Torres and Diego Casielles

This week’s Campus Cuties are two very good-looking best friends who just so happen to be on the Fairfield University Men’s Soccer Team. Though they may be from two different countries, their personalities and sense of humor make them one in the same. Meet Joe Torres and Diego Casielles:


Joe: Undeclared

Diego: Undeclared Business


J: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

D: Santander, Spain

Relationship Status:

J: In a relationship

D: Single

HC: What position do you play in soccer and how long have you been playing?

J: I play left back, and I’ve been playing soccer since I was 6. I don’t know how many years that is, I’m not good at math.

D: I’m a midfielder and been playing since I was 5. Ha! A year before you.

HC: Diego, what made you choose Fairfield? It isn’t necessarily “close” to home.

D: It was the only option at the point when it was time to choose. The coach told me I’d have more success here in school and soccer than in Spain or any other places.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

J: Someone who enjoys sports and fun to hang out with. Overall: a chill person.

D: I look for a beautiful girl. I like beautiful eyes then a nice person. I don’t like girls who smoke. Also, funny and she can make jokes.

HC: Describe each other in three words

J: (Absolutely) hilarious, athletic, and social.

D: Responsible, funny, and special.

HC: What would your dream date be?

J: I would have a night in NYC and go ice-skating. We’d walk around Bryant Park and go to those kiosk things. Get some hot apple cider, French fries, and eventually end up at The Catch for dinner. For dessert and drinks we’d go to The Sugar Factory after.

D: All right I would go to Dubai. We’d go to a luxury hotel, have some dinner, then go to the indoor ski center and ski inside.

HC: What are your biggest fears?

J: I would consider it more of phobia… but snakes. I freaking hate snakes.

D: I hate flying, *Laughs* and I have to take an eight hour plane to get here and go home.

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

J: Scarlett Johansson and Alex Morgan.

D: Me too! Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie. I love them both.

HC: What is your best pickup line?

J: (As Diego) “I’m from Spain.”

D: I don’t say that!

J: Yes you do! You don’t think about it but you do it.

D: Maybe I say that because I don’t speak English. But ok, ok mine is “I’m from Spain, be careful.”

J: I don’t have one; I’m a shy guy.

HC: What are your dream jobs?

J: A soccer coach or work for the FBI.

D: Pro soccer player or work on Wall Street.

J: Our own Wolf of Wall Street

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