Meet Campus Cuties: Cameron Somers and Derek Conlon

This week’s campus cuties are none other than Cameron Somers and Derek Conlon! These sophomores are known for their fun loving outlook and ability to make any situation more enjoyable - the perfect candidates for Fairfield University’s campus cuties!

HC: Major?

C: Finance

D: Finance

HC: Hometown?

C: Dutchess County, NY

D: Bronx, NY

HC: Relationship status?

C: Single as a... I don't even know something very single.

D: It's complicated, just kidding single!

HC: What’s the worst and best part about going to Fairfield University?

C: The best part about going to Fairfield is the beautiful women.

D: And the activities... and the academics.

C&D: The worst part is definitely waking up for early classes - we both need the loudest alarm possible.

HC: What is the most interesting dispute you two have gotten into?

D: I threw a sandwich at one of his posters once - Cam was furious.

HC: Why did you do that?!

D: It didn't’t match the room!

HC: Describe yourself in three words.

C: Humble, caring, and humorous.

D: Motivated, loving, and kind.

HC: Describe each other in three words.

C: Handsome, cocky, opinionated.

D: Handsome, rich, takes care of his mother.

HC: What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve seen the other do?

C: You missed the toilet peeing once.

D: Are you serious?


D: Well he once fell off of a scooter in the middle of the quad. It's not even the falling off of the scooter that's embarrassing, it's the fact that he was riding one!

HC: What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for a girl?

C: Got a girl chicken nuggets when she was too lazy to get out of bed.

D: Took a girl on vacation to Florida because she needed to get away.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

C: Talk show host - the late, late show, yeah - Cam and the late, late show - like Steven Colbert. I like the sound of that. Oh and living in LA with four beautiful kids and a beautiful wife.

D: Having my own company, with good benefits and good pay. I’ll be living in LA too with Cam - but I’ll be a bachelor. I’ll be a dope uncle though, the one they always go to for help and money.

HC: What are you looking forward to most about this year?

C: Making long lasting memories with my dear friends - no that's too soft - Clam Jam.

D: Working on internship opportunities.

C: You’re so boring.