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As Sharpay once said, “Out with the old, and in with the new…” Collegiettes, it’s spring time! That means it’s time for you to brighten up your wardrobe for the warmer weather, but you can’t use your winter lipsticks for the spring. Head over to your nearest cosmetics store and grab the best shades for the spring. Here are our top #faves that are must haves!


Nothing says springtime like a sparkly lip gloss. Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty, has yet to fail us and we are totally ~obsessed. ~ This Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in FU$$Y, which is a shimmery pink, will go perfectly for whatever pastel colored outfit you choose. You can buy it here.


Are you looking for something a little bolder than lip gloss and lasts longer? Too Faced has the Straight Fire, which is a soft crimson red. This is perfect for wearing a classic red lip in the springtime. Check it out here.


The shade Cava, lilac beige color, by Bite is perfect for the collegiette who wants to be stand out, yet subtle at the same time. Lilac is just the perfect color for spring, so why not add this to your makeup collection? Put it in your cart, here!


Why not get a lip kit from the line that made Kylie Jenner a billionaire? Perfect for the warmer weather, the Dirty Peach lip kit will give you the peachy color you wanted this spring. You can get the look at the Kylie Cosmetics website here.


Are you already filling up your shopping carts? We are! We are so excited to rock these new shades in the warmer weather. To winter: thank you, next!


Meghan Cusack

Fairfield '21

Meghan is currently a student here at Fairfield University. She's from Branford, CT and is an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing. She also has two minors in Spanish and Public Relations. Meghan also enjoys reading, drawing, eating lots of chocolate, and spending time with her cat Charming. 
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