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A Letter to My Freshman Self

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Dear Freshman Self,

It’s a bittersweet reality knowing that this is my last, last day of classes. There are so many emotions running through my body as I think back on these four years and realize it’s all quickly coming to an end. I have some feelings of regret, anger, and sadness, but then happiness, excitement, and fear of the future. There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of things I wish I could have known that I only know now.

I wish I could tell my freshman self to study a little harder for that test so you don’t fail, and don’t change your major, just stick with it! I wish I could tell her to have one less drink, and don’t trust that boy as much as you did. I wish I could tell my freshman self that sometimes not everyone has your best interests in mind, even the people you thought were your closest friends.

But, then again, if I could talk to my freshman self I would tell her that all of those hardships are okay because here I am, getting ready to graduate.

It is exactly all of these mistakes that made me such a different person than who I was when I pulled through the North Benson gates four years ago. It was the most difficult times that have made me stronger, and taught me more about myself that I never would have learned. Freshman self, it is not always the good times in our lives that mold us into the people we are; it’s the bumps in the road. Actually, freshman self, make as many mistakes as possible because this is the time to do it. You don’t have to be perfect in college; you just have to be you.

From where I stand now, I can’t believe what I wasted so many tears on, and stressed so much over. It actually makes me laugh looking back. Freshman self, even though something might seem like the end of the world at the time, trust me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and in the long run everything happens for a reason. Do not dwell on anything.

Freshman self, let’s talk about boys. You’re going to meet many, and fall for a few. There will be times when you get hurt, and a relationship ending will feel like the end of the world. I promise you, the world will keep spinning. Freshman self, do not be harsh on yourself or try to map out what went wrong; nothing went wrong, except for the fact that he wasn’t the one for you. Do what makes you happy! Go out with your girlfriends, read a good book, paint a picture, go for a run, or make a collage. If you want to cry about something, go ahead and cry. Never, ever regret anything because there is always a lesson learned. Don’t be afraid to like or even love someone. We learn the most about ourselves through relationships with others, and by remembering that everything happens for a reason.

Make good friends, freshman self. College is the first time most of us have been away from our families, and it doesn’t take long before our friends become our new family.  Freshman self, you are going to have the best of times with your friends but don’t expect things to always run smoothly. As you evolve in college there is a good chance your friendships will evolve as well. Never sell yourself short, and rid yourself of the friends who aren’t there for you. Freshman self, it’s not a cliché when I say make friends with the people who bring out the best in you. By the time you’re a senior you will have your best friends, and they will probably be with you the rest of your life; so just accept the rocky roads on the way to long lasting friendships.

Now let’s talk about school since, after all, that is the whole point of college, right? Academics in college are difficult, sometimes scary, and certainly stressful. Do your homework, and stay organized. My Lilly Pulitzer planner is my lifeline, and I plan out a few hours of work each day in it. Balance your workload with your time to go out with friends, and you won’t feel overwhelmed. Freshman self, there will be days you don’t care, but good grades in college are important.

Lastly, and this might throw you off, go to church. I know freshman self, you hated church growing up, but it’s different here. I got through a lot of rough weeks with weekly masses at the Egan Chapel and it’s not like a normal mass. It’s casual, and the music is amazing. If it’s not totally your thing, freshman self, just promise me you won’t graduate without giving it a try at least once.

Here’s the bottom line: college will be difficult at times. There are going to be moments when you feel alone, and that things are going wrong. But, I promise in the end it all works out. Freshman self: have faith, believe in who you are, and don’t forget to have fun. These are the best four years of your life, so live them to the fullest.


Senior Self 

Molly Leidig is a bubbly Fairfield University senior Communication major with a minor in Journalism. She is originally from Delaware (YES, Delaware is a state!) and hopes to live in the big apple after graduation. In her time at Fairfield, she was captain of the Cross-Country team, Coffee-Break editor at the Fairfield Mirror, and currently interns at Marie Claire magazine. She enjoy chocolate, kisses & coffee. Follow her on Instagram/Twitter @MollDollTrouble.
Danielle was previously the Deputy Editor at Her Campus, where she oversaw social and content strategy, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, news, and entertainment. Prior to joining Her Campus, Danielle worked at House Beautiful as Senior Lifestyle Editor, directing and producing feature videos and stories. Danielle also served as Snapchat Editor at Cosmopolitan, overseeing the brands daily Snapchat Discover channel. In 2016, she launched Cosmo Bites — which is now the official food and beverage vertical at Cosmopolitan. That same year, Danielle was named as a Rising Star in the digital media industry by FOLIO Magazine. Danielle got her start in digital media by launching the Her Campus chapter at Fairfield University in 2014, where she acted as Campus Correspondent for 2.5 years, before graduating with a degree in English and creative writing. She enjoys wine, food, and long walks through HomeGoods. Follow Danielle on Instagram!