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Leo and Rihanna: The Couple We NEVER Saw Coming

Is there a new power couple in town? Apparently, Leo and Rihanna have been heating things up. Rihanna recently celebrated her 27th birthday at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills with many A-listers, Leo included. They were apparently seen kissing and hugging all night, according to E! News. And it didn’t stop there! They have been hooking up since, but a source says Rihanna is taking things slow.

According to TMZ, it all started when these two dangerously good-looking celebrities heated things up at another party, allegedly hugging and kissing all night at the Playboy mansion on January 10th. What better place to spark a relationship?

Although Bey and Jay don’t seem to be in any imminent danger of being replaced, this couple is far too hot to ignore. Maybe their hot and heavy encounters will to ignite a real relationship. It’s something we never saw coming, but the one we won’t hesitate to obsess over. 


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