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Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police

Yesterday was a sad, sad day for the world of Fashion Police and the E! Network. Kelly Osbourne, a host since the show’s premiere in September 2010, has announced that she will not be rejoining the Fashion Police panel for the upcoming season (projected to start on March 30th) because of the tainted reputation the show has recently gained.

Things took a turn for the worst after Monday’s episode, a recap of the 2015 Academy Awards. When it was time to discuss singer/songwriter Zendaya, Giuliana Rancic made a disturbing slur that many deemed racist. Zendaya, who was clad in a beautiful figure hugging Vivienne Westwood gown and was rocking long dreadlocks, was shamed for her choice of hairstyle. Rancic, also an original panelist, stated that Zendaya “smelled like patchouli oil… or maybe weed”. I was thoroughly disturbed to hear this comment on the show, and read about it the following day in the news. Zendaya associated such a hairstyle with elegance, power, and fierceness, not with the typical Rastafarian stereotype.

Many slammed Giuliana for this comment, while others just remained shocked that she would even say such an offensive thing. Osbourne was unfortunately entangled in this web of disgusting comments and lies due to her involvement with the show. Some media sources even wrongfully stated that Kelly made this remark, which didn’t sit well with her. Kelly and Zendaya are apparently very close friends, and such allegations threw Kelly over the edge.

Kelly stated that she will (not so regretfully) give up her seat on the show, and will continue to move on to bigger and better things. This negative reputation is not something she wants her name associated with any longer, and the show will definitely feel the loss from here on out.

In my opinion, the show has not been the same since the passing of Joan Rivers last year. Apparently the chemistry between the panelists is no longer there. Now, with the show’s loss of another icon, I can’t see the show redeeming itself any time soon. There is currently no word on who will be Osbourne’s replacement, so we will have to wait and see.

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