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How to Style a Fur Vest

Fur vests usually are something that you buy, and then it just hides away in your closet. Don’t let them stay there and collect dust this year! Be bold. They’re a stylish piece to include in any outfit.

Be Edgy

If you have a vest with different colors, include other items of clothing that compliment it. Ripped jeans definitely enhance the effect of an edgier vest and help to bring out the texture. Include chokers, dark jewelry, and colored boots for a complete look.

Pair with Flare Jeans

Make your look more boho. Break out your bell-bottom jeans and rock the vest with a fitted shirt and flashy belt. Open toed booties and a necklace to match is a must!

Use a Maxi as a Base

You don’t just have to wear pants with a fur vest, dresses work too! Try out a colored maxi dress with a neutral vest. Accessorizing with dark geometric jewelry and patterned boots help define your edgy side. 

Add Some Color

If you’re looking for a more city-chic style, embrace dark colors and accessories. We recommend thigh high socks. Wearing the fur vest with a flowy mini dress, matching headband, and statement jewelry will round out your polished look.

Hope to see more fur vests around campus. Be bold, lady Stags!

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