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How a Little Girl Dropping the F-Bomb Sends an Important Message

F*ck. That is what is coming out of little girls’ mouths. This may seem appalling and wrong, but that’s the point. Having a six year old say “mother fucker” gains more attention than the injustice women fight everyday. And if a group of children cursing is what it takes to make people listen, well then f*ck yeah!

Feminism has become a very hot topic, but most people are still brushing it off. However, the website FCKH8.com, tried a different approach. They showed something that gets the reaction that people should show to feminism, to the fact that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted and to the fact that women who receive A’s in school, make the same amount of money as men who receive C’s. Is that right? No. Yet we don’t respond to it, nor do we make changes.

These little pretty princesses aren’t saying they aren’t pretty, or princesses for that matter, but that they are more than that. Just like women are more than housewives, or eye candy. They are powerful! They are capable! They are worth of equal treatment. And them receiving anything less than that is worse than the colorful language they’re using in this video. Think about this the next time you make assumptions as well as judgments based on gender.

Watch the video below. 


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