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Hot Topic is Now Selling Disney Themed Face Masks!

Hot Topic is fulfilling our nostalgic needs as they have just introduced Disney-themed face masks with all of our favorite characters! Choose from The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Lilo & Stitch, and more to treat yourself and your skin! The Jasmine mask focuses on refreshing and revitalizing the skin, while the Winnie the Pooh mask promises moisturization along with a honey scent, nodding towards the bear’s favorite snack. Grab your friends, put on a movie, and pop the popcorn as this is the perfect treat before the start of finals!



We have previously seen the store introduce products such as a Polly Pocket eyeshadow palettes and a Little Mermaid makeup brush set, which has taken us back to our childhood. It’s no surprise that Hot Topic introduced a line of sheet masks inspired by Disney characters. One package is $4.90 and contains one face mask. As of now, there is a 20% off on the website, so grab them while you can!


Happy Shopping, Collegiettes! 


Amber Shephard

Fairfield '20

Amber Shephard is a recent class of 2020 graduate from Fairfield University where she majored in Psychology and minored in Marketing. 
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