“Her Advice-Being Single is Easier than Being in a Relationship and Here’s Why”

Hi Collegiettes! Today’s topic at hand is perfect since it’s around Valentine’s Day. We’re going to be discussing why it’s easier to be single than be in a relationship, especially in your college years. 


First thing’s first- in college, you’re having to take care of yourself completely for the first time in your life. Many haven’t ever had to experience this before, so the adjustment can be quite hard for some people who are more dependent on their families than others. When I entered college, my then-boyfriend at the time had already been in college for a year, and that definitely eased my worries when it came to getting used to college life myself. However, that also made it harder. He knew what I was going through, but he also didn’t. As the year went on, I got a lot more adjusted and comfortable with college life, considering I was always an independent kid. 


Coming into second semester freshmen year and all of this year, my outlook has been so different. You never truly realize how much you depend on another person and take care of others until you’re out of the relationship, and I felt myself a lot happier. Not having to continuously talk to someone 24/7 is very freeing, and not having to worry about what another person is doing on a Friday night (especially if they go to a different school) is so much better than the latter. I get to spend time with all of my friends, not worry about keeping anyone updated on anything, and quite frankly, live my best life. 


College classes and homework take up a vast portion of everyone’s time, (considering that’s why we’re all here it kinda makes sense) so not being in a relationship also means that you have more time for yourself and for your friends. If your significant other went to a different school as mine did, you would have to figure out when you could go visit one another, take time out of the weekend traveling, and then try to scramble to get all of your homework done sometime in-between. For some people, that’s amazing and they would do anything to do that and I applaud that! If you can make it through long distance you truly can make it through anything. But if you attended the same school/met your S.O. at school, you constantly spend time with them, which can be a lot for someone. Everyone needs time to themselves, and especially alone time while at school after a long day of hard exams or deadlines. When you’re single, you don’t have to worry about “Date Night” or anything, and you can just relax after a long, hard day. 


Now, I’m certainly not trying to talk badly about relationships or talk down on them, (trust me after watching the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel, I want to be in one again) but when you’re newly single or have been for a while, it’s important to look on the bright side of things! Learning to be happy by yourself is one of the best things anyone can do, and I personally have been loving it for the last year. College is quite frankly the best time to be single-it’s the least amount of responsibilities you’ll ever have while still technically being an adult. So have fun! Let loose, hang with friends, go out, and take care of yourself. You don’t need another person to be happy, and if that’s the source of your true happiness, then you’re probably not happy. 


Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! I hope you all have a great time, whether that be with your S.O, or your friends!