Happiness Continues with the Jonas Brothers

Since their Las Vegas residency was cancelled due to cancelations surrounding COVID-19, the Jonas Brothers decided to surprise their fans with a ~brand new~ documentary. Continuing with their happiness theme, the documentary is called “Happiness Continues.” We know that we definitely could use an extra bit of happiness right now. 


The Jonas Brothers were on tour for a while prior to COVID-19. During that time, they were filming their concerts along with behind the scenes footage. Fans are getting the opportunity to relive the concerts they went to, or if they didn’t get the chance to go, they can see what it was like. It also provides viewers a follow up to their original documentary, “Chasing Happiness” where we got to see the brothers repair their relationship while bringing the band back together. With “Happiness Continues,” we get to see the progress they’ve made since they reunited. 


Collegiettes, we’ve had a lot of fun jamming out to the Jonas Brothers while watching the documentary. We’re not sure what was better: seeing the new concert footage or all of the behind the scenes clips. Spoiler alert! Joe needs to be slapped before he goes on stage, and may we say it's absolutely hysterical. Plus, Frankie Jonas makes an appearance along with the adorable Alena and Valentina Jonas (Kevin’s daughters).


We don’t know about you, but we are going to watch this documentary two more times so we can pretend we are at a Jonas Brothers concert instead of quarantine.