Hair Contouring, The Next Big Beauty Trend

Just when you thought bloggers and celebrities couldn’t get enough of the makeup craze, contouring has a whole new meaning, and it’s not for your face. YouTube and Kim K’s Instagram popularized this trend, and now hairstylists are using this new technique, contouring with hair color. Celebs such as Blake Lively have been spotted trying out the new trend and going “bronde”.

Just like with makeup, contouring your hair allows you to personalize your color and highlight the features on your face. Hair contouring creates an illusion of your face shape.

With the placement of high or low lights on the hair, a stylist can transform your face and emphasize your best features. The color and placement used will be different depending on your face shape, the areas you want to add attention to, your hair care routine, and your hair tone. A lighter color will highlight your face while darker hair color (low lights) will create a shadow. The results: natural hair color yet fierce, defined face features without makeup.

Stylists like to be creative and change up their techniques on highlighting their client’s hair. This technique might be the new ombré or may fade quicker than highlights, but it’s definitely a technique we recommend collegiettes to try out the next time they see their stylist. Contouring allows you to go “bronde” while highlighting your facial features. It’s like being Kim and Blake at the same time. Best of both worlds!