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FTFG: New Year’s Intentions to Have the Best Semester

As the new year and the new semester have just begun, it can be helpful to set goals and intentions to work towards to help achieve your own form of success and happiness. The most important step is ensuring that your mind and body are healthy and happy. 

Some tips to help succeed are working on a healthy diet that gives you energy to get through the day! A protein smoothie with banana in the morning will help you start your day off on the right foot to survive classes and help you focus. It is important to move your body every day; heading to the gym for only thirty to forty-five minutes or a walk outside will help your body feel good and more motivated for the day! 

If you are a planner, it is important to set weekly or daily goals to help keep you on track for the semester. Figuring out a daily schedule or listing your homework in a planner will lead you to success for the semester! Organization and healthy habits are all important factors for the best semester yet! 

An intention to set for yourself is ensuring you are surrounding yourself with the best people that help you achieve and bring out the best in you. Let’s leave the negative people in 2021 and keep the friends that motivate you and enjoy your company. Have a girl’s night when needed and enjoy the company of the people that keep you grounded! 

The best intention for 2022 and the semester is to live your life to the fullest. Find the balance between work, school, and fun. Enjoy the weekends with your friends and plan your weekdays to get work done! Say yes to the fun things and put yourself out there. It is time to make 2022 yours and have the best semester, Collegiettes! 

Saunder Saffran

Fairfield '24

Saunder is currently majoring in Finance and Marketing at Fairfield University. She is from outside of New Haven, Connecticut.
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