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FTFG: 5 Places in Fairfield to Take Yourself on a Date Before This Holiday Season

Honestly, taking yourself on dates is sometimes so much more peaceful and productive
than it would be with someone else—relationships are hard! Not only will this improve your
confidence and independence, but it will also help you get your life together, and all I have to say
is that Fairfield is one of the best places to explore! With that being said, here are our five best
ways you can take yourself on a date before the craziness of finals begins and return home for
winter break!

  1. Coffee and a nice breakfast  

Start off with the most important meal of the day. My personal favorite is Chef’s
Table which has all sorts of coffee, drinks, and breakfast and normal sandwiches! Their
sausage, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel is my personal favorite. Take yourself
out for a nice meal, spend some time away from your phone, and do something you like
away from the digital world—read a book, write, get ahead with work, or just people

  1. Get your nails done 

Getting your nails done is the perfect activity to do alone and pamper yourself.
Head over to my personal favorite, Kiki Nails, and treat yourself to a mani or pedi. Plus
Kiki Nails has your back with a great student discount! 

  1. Shopping  

Fairfield is such a cute town with a busy downtown atmosphere! Take a break
from online shopping, walk around, and check out all the stores. Some of the stores in
town include Penfield Collective, OneFive, Apricot Lane, and Ciao Bella (they all offer a
nice student discount!) Get yourself something cute, you deserve it! 

  1. Go to the beach 

Okay it may be getting colder—but hear me out! Put on a pair of sweatpants, a
hoodie, and comfy shoes; bring a blanket and either sit on the beach or under the covered
area and watch the sunrise or sunset! Breathe in the fresh air and listen to some
music—not many people can say they live and go to college this close to the beach. We
have to take advantage of it while we can!

  1. Walk outside  

Make a whole day out of your date!  The Stag Bus can take you to all these
places, but sometimes (even in the cold) a nice walk boosts your energy and serotonin for
the day! Everything in Fairfield is walking distance as well.
We hope that you ladies like our recommendations and that if you haven’t done some of
them already, go and give them a try! Remember, always treat yourself like someone you love!
You deserve to be pampered too—the most important thing you can do is take care of yourself.

MK Kalenak

Fairfield '25

Hi! I'm MK Kalenak! I'm a freshman at Fairfield U, I'm a Sports Media Major from PGH, PA :) I love to go shopping, do yoga, & meet new people <3
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