Foodie Friday: The Stand Vegan Café Review

There are so many different food crazes out there nowadays that it can be a bit intimidating trying to get into them. But, after trying lunch at The Stand Vegan Café, we quickly realized how delicious vegan food is, and how affordable and easy it is to integrate into your life. The Stand is located at 85 Mill Plain Road and has plenty of parking. The café itself is so cute and has a lot of different seating options, which is great for when you need to find a place to work during finals. 




Everything on their menu is vegan, and most of the options can be done gluten-free as well! Not only is the food vegan, but it’s some of the best-tasting food I have ~EVER~ tried. We sampled an acai smoothie, as well as a ginger lemonade that I cannot get enough of. We also tried the vegan mac and cheese and butternut squash soup. It was basically like fall in my mouth. Everything was rich, creamy, and decadent, but since it was all vegan and healthy, I didn’t feel rundown and tired after eating. We also tried some almond butter balls (which is a great alternative to our peanut-allergy readers!) and the best black and white cupcakes I’ve ever eaten!


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We cannot recommend The Stand enough. From being vegan, organic, and well-sourced, to being affordable, delicious, and student-friendly, what more is there to ask for?


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