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Fabulous Things to Do in Fairfield on a Friday

The location of your college plays a pivotal role in your college experience.

Fairfield University  is located on a 200 scenic acre campus in Fairfield, the ideal college town. Easy accessibility to a town with plenty of stores and restaurants makes the lives of college students easier. With such a great town filled with an abundance of activities, here are a few ideas to make your Friday fabulous.


  1. Start your day off with a F45 Training class


F45 is Fairfield’s new favorite physical fitness program. Try one of these classes that consist of interval training (workouts are never the same) and you will soon be addicted!

2. Grab an iced coffee + avocado toast from The Granola Bar

Before heading to class, make sure you are energized. An iced coffee and avocado toast with soft egg, feta & red pepper flakes will help you get through the long day ahead of you.


3. Meet up with your friend to discuss tonight’s plans

In between classes, make sure you quickly talk to your BFF and discuss what’s on tonight’s agenda.

4. Walk around campus

Before your busy and fun-filled weekend commences, take in the beauty that our campus has to offer. Fairfield University has a beautiful campus and we should take the time to appreciate our gorgeous surroundings.


5. Pamper yourself

If you aren’t in the mood to blow dry your hair tonight, treat yourself! Moda Capelli Salon offers a student discount for Fairfield University Stags. In addition, get a mani pedi at Coco Nail Spa so you are 100% ready for the weekend festivities.

6. Quick shopping spree.

Every Friday night, I go through an outfit dilemma. In order to prevent this from happening, I suggest going to Apricot Lane, a women’s clothing store in Fairfield, to get the cute outfit you’ve been daydreaming about in your mind. You are bound to find something!


7.  Have dinner in town 

Post Road has countless restaurant options. After a long week filled with classes, papers, and exams, I love ending the week by going out to dinner with my best gals. My personal Fairfield restaurant favorites are Geronimo and Molto.

8. Treat yourself- froyo Friday

In my opinion, frozen yogurt is by far the best dessert choice. Luckily for Fairfield students, we have both 16 Handles and Pinkberry on Post Road. Satisfy your sweet tooth by stopping to get some froyo and don’t forget to add lots of toppings.



9. Take a ride to Sasco Hill Beach

Sasco Hill Beach is one of Fairfield’s hidden gems. Unwind here after dinner + dessert before your evening festivities. Try and get a sunset picture!


10. Cheers to the weekend

You made it! It’s time to celebrate. Have fun with your friends by going to the movies, townhouses, beach or even a comfy night in. 



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