Expectation vs. Reality: Power Napping

Classes are over, you’re up to date on your work, and it’s time for your favorite part of the day: nap time. Napping is a precious thing that all college students learn to appreciate during their undergraduate careers. While the expectation of the perfect power nap is able to get us through the day, here are some realities you may face when you attempt to lay your head down.

Your Bed

Expectation: Your sheets are clean, your covers are draped perfectly, and your bed is fully made for you to slip into. There’s no better feeling than a warm, freshly made bed to get into.

Reality: You left for class late this morning, and never got a chance to brush your hair, let alone make your bed. There are notebooks, clothes and other miscellaneous items strewn all over. Let’s face, you’ll end up pushing them to the floor.

Pre-Nap Thoughts

Expectation: Your mind is relaxed; the only thing you have to think about is how many sheep you’ll count before you doze off.

Reality: Besides immediately thinking about all of life’s unanswered questions, your to-do list begins to formulate in your mind. You start to make a list of all your unfinished work, and realize how little time you have to get all your work done.

Setting an Alarm

Expectation: You only need to set one alarm, or better yet you’re not needed anywhere anytime soon, and don’t need an alarm at all.


Reality: You set at least five alarms, ten minutes apart, and still refuse to get up when the last one goes off.

Falling Asleep

Expectation: You’re able to drift off to sleep the instant your head hits the pillow. You’re peaceful in slumber, and nothing unwanted could possibly wake you up.

Reality: You lay awake staring at the ceiling for half an hour before you even begin to doze off. It was easier to drift asleep during your turbo.


Your Roommates

Expectation: If they aren’t cuddling in the bed with you, then they’re considerate enough to silently do homework, or listen to their Netflix with headphones in. No one could ever disturb, and wake, you from your comatose state anyway.

Reality: They have a tendency to turn on the lights when they don’t realize you’ve converted your room into a cave. They may even wake you up if they deem the situation dire enough. Hey, you’ve woken them up for impromptu Starbucks dates before too. 

Waking Up

Expectation: You’re bright eyed, refreshed, and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Whatever the challenge, you can face it.

Reality: Let’s face it, you feel worse after this nap then you did before. It just makes sense to go to sleep for the night now.