The Eleven Phases of Cutting Your Long Hair

Girls with long hair often have a love/hate relationship with it. The new trend lately has been to chop your long luscious locks off for a chic bob. Cutting your long hair for a new short hairstyle can be quite frightening though. Will I love my new hair or miss old long hair? All collegiettes who have decided to ditch the long hair life for the short hair have gone through the eleven following phases:

1.     I’m Over My Long Hair

We’ve loved our long hair and although it has done us well, it’s time to cut it free. It’s come to the point where we cannot wait an hour just for it to dry and use a whole bottle of hairspray just for the curls to stay for half the night anymore.

2.     You’ve Made the Decision

You’ve called your hairdresser, you’ve made an appointment, and it’s official. In the matter of days you’ll be free of your long hair and all the hassles that come along with maintaining it.  

3.     Going to the Salon to Cut It Off

The day has finally come and you go the salon ready to say good-bye to your long hair and welcome change!

4.     The Scissors are Out

You’re in the seat and your hairdresser asks you for the final time, “Are you sure?” A millions thoughts are racing through your head before you finally give her the okay. Am I going to wish I didn’t do this? Why do I want short hair again? Gosh, why do I have to be so indecisive?!

5.     It’s Being Cut in Front of Your Own Eyes

Like it or not, it’s too late to turn back now. The hairdresser has already cut most of it off and you now have short hair.

6.     Seeing Yourself with Short Hair for the First Time

You think to yourself: well this is new… Do I like it, or do I hate it? I should probably just smile while I figure it out so I don’t hurt my hairdresser’s feelings.

7.     “I Actually Love It” Phase

Change is great! I look like a new person and I love my new hair!

8.     The Next Day

The excitement of the new haircut has died down and suddenly you’ve realized this is permanent. Why did I do this?! Why didn’t someone stop me?!

9.     “I Actually Miss It” Phase

You look through all your old Instagram pictures with your long hair and start to miss your old self. You just aren’t the same person and you didn’t realize you could miss hair this much.

10.  Contemplation

You go out in public for the first time and all your friends compliment your new hairstyle. You go back home and stare at yourself for hours in the mirror until you realize the short hair look is growing on you.

11. Acceptance

You’ve finally decided you like your short hair and that you are happy that you decided to cut it. You needed a little change in your life and if you want to you can always grow it long again.