Deets About the Lizzie McGuire Reboot

Hey now, hey now: The 2000’s Disney Channel classic, Lizzie McGuire, is ~officially~ coming back to our TV screens! It has been released that a reboot of the show has already started filming and is set to be featured on the new Disney streaming service, Disney+, in August 2020!


The original Lizzie McGuire show premiered in 2001 and ran for 3 years. The series consisted of 65 individual episodes and one of the best movies of all time: The Lizzie McGuire Movie. It has been over 15 years since we have seen Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda with the rest of the gang. As of right now, the only confirmed characters that are returning for the reboot are Lizzie’s mom, dad, and younger brother.


The reboot will supposedly take place in New York City, where Lizzie now lives. She is pursuing her dream career as an interior designer and is pretty much~ living her best life~. The animated Lizzie character that would pop up during episodes (aka the original Bitmoji) will still be 13 years old. She will be saying what adult Lizzie is thinking. I wonder if she will still be wearing her signature platform sandals because those are totally coming back in style! 





I know I have so many questions I need answered in this revival. Did Lizzie and Gordo end up together? Will Lizzie start a family? Did Paolo or Lizzie’s long lost twin, Isabella, ever make it back into her life? We definitely cannot wait for Lizzie McGuire to premiere because ~this is what dreams are made of~!