Cutest Sister Tattoos

As of recent, sister tattoos have been all the hype. From delicate initials to cute symbolic designs, it seems as though more and more sister duos have hopped on this trendy yet extremely meaningful bandwagon.  Whether you’re like me and your sis is your ultimate BFF, and you are looking for a chic little way to commemorate your infinite sisterhood, or if you just simply want a peek into the trend that has the internet going crazy, here are some of the cutest sister tattoo ideas surfacing the web right now!

1. Heartbeats

What better way to symbolize your special connection with your sis than with the connection of your heartbeats?

  1. Puzzle Pieces

Forever interlock with your sister with this special design.

  1. 3 Sister Tattoos

For the more ~indie~ sisters—try getting simple triangle designs that represent each sister!

  1. Sun and Star

You and your sis definitely can’t go wrong with this classic yet simple tattoo idea.

  1. Infinity signs

There truly is no better way to symbolize the infinite bond between sisters than with pretty little infinity signs.

  1. Shamrocks

For you Irish sisters ;)

  1. Pieces of a tattoo

Display your unbreakable connection to your sister with separate tattoos that when together, form a whole!

  1. Initials

Keep it sweet and simple with getting your sisters initials.

  1. Maps

Because who better to travel the world with than your sister?


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